Tyler Keyes

Tyler is a Theatre Arts teacher and director at Bradley Middle School
for North East ISD. He’s excited to be working at The Woodlawn for the
first time, and to be a part of their inaugural black box show. Some
recent roles around town have included Johnny in Cries That Bind
(Cellar Theater), Stephen in The Irish Curse (Attic Rep), Halladay in
D.O.A. (Overtime Theater), and The Monster in The Frankie Stein Show
(Cameo Theater). Tyler sends love and thanks to his fiancĂ©’ Julia,
Momma, Bumpa, Grams and, of course, the other members of this great cast and crew.

One thought on “Tyler Keyes

  1. “I cam way do dee ewe!” Lol. Seriously, I can’t wait to see you in this performance. Hope you are well and happy.

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